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Fair-Skinned Brunette with the Porcelain Shine - Special Guest

Special guest, author and songwriter John Bare joins us on Saturday, April 15th at 6 pm EST on the podcast to talk about his debut novel and the album it inspired. Check out John's informatiom below and hear his exclusive Buy Me A Coffee Extra on Saturday at 12 pm EST before his interview airs.

Author John Bare

John Bare is a photographer, songwriter, and former journalist who has worked for more than two decades in the nonprofit sector. John is the author of Fair-Skinned Brunette With the Porcelain Shine, a mystery set in Chapel Hill, NC. With Don Dixon, John wrote songs for the 2019 album, Lassie James Songbook Vol. I, a collection of twelve original songs inspired by the novel. John was born in Winston-Salem and attended public schools in Garner, NC, where his parents were educators. He attended the University of North Carolina, where he studied film as an undergraduate, received a PhD in mass communication research, and developed an appreciation for biscuits, whiskey, and live music. John shares his house with rescue dogs Winston and Isadora.

"On a Monday night in October, Lassie James sits in Pig Farm Tavern in Chapel Hill when Dr. Holly Pike appears. She electrifies the room, but all Lassie can think about is how she ran out on him when they were going to get married. Just ghosted him all those years ago. Before Lassie can process his old feelings for her, Dr. Pike’s reappearance in his life takes a surprise turn...."

"Really surprised by how much I enjoyed and learned from the author's story! Couldn't help but listen to the music it inspired too. What a talented author and musician!" ~Reviewer

"Not your average novel featuring an amateur sleuth. This author understands us readers; at the end of the day, we want to escape into an intelligent mystery sprinkled with wit and intriguing, original characters you want more of. A story that moves along..." ~Reviewer

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