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Cleopatra's Vendetta

Avanti Centrae joins us on the podcast March 25th at 6 PM EST. See more below & follow her on social media.

International bestselling and multi-award­-winning author who blends intrigue, history, science, and mystery into nonstop action thrillers.


Avanti Centrae is honored to have won nine literary awards. Readers in fifteen countries have enjoyed her popular books.

She finds inspiration from her father, who served as a US marine corporal in Okinawa, gathering military intelligence. Avanti graduated from Purdue University and has spent time in a spectrum of professions, from raft guide to Silicon Valley IT executive.

When not traveling the world or hiking in the Sierra mountains, she’s writing her next thriller in Northern California, helped by her family and distracted by her German shepherds.

If you’d like to hear about specials for her fans, such as giveaways and deleted scenes, you can visit her web page ( Drop her a line, or sign up for her quarterly-ish newsletter.

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