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Something About Aimee

USA-Today bestselling author & podcaster S.E. Smith joins us on Saturday, March 11th at 6 PM EST to talk books, writing, & more.

Author S.E. Smith

S.E. Smith is an internationally acclaimed, New York Times and USA TODAY Bestselling author of science fiction, romance, fantasy, paranormal, and contemporary works for adults, young adults, and children. She enjoys writing a wide variety of genres that pull her readers into worlds that take them away.

"She was born on the streets; he was born to rule...

Aimee Wheels loves her free-living lifestyle. She doesn't need the trappings of money to find happiness. All she needs are her crazy friends, her job as a courier in New York City, and her skateboard.

Sheikh Qadir Saif-Ad-Din understands the power behind money and royalty, and he knows how to wield it. When he is simultaneously dismissed and then saved by a woman in tattered jeans carrying a skateboard, he doesn’t know what to think - except that he wants her!

Aimee is thrown into the world of the ultra-rich when she stops an assassination attempt against Qadir, and it doesn’t take much for her to become a target herself. It’s possible to rise above the dangers like a phoenix, but time and distrust can ruin even the best of relationships, and Aimee and Qadir have led very different lives. Can love find a way despite a rival billionaire trying to kill them?"

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