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Writer of the Week: Patrick D. Kaiser

Have you ever heard of a novel made completely up of verse? If not, then you are in for a treat. Meet our Writer of the Week Patrick D. Kaiser. His novels, and his style, will have you wanting to know more not just about him but the amazing stories he tells using this very poetic approach to storytelling.

An author and poet residing in Kansas City is 29-years-old and has always enjoyed the English language. "When I was in the 6th grade I learned about 15-year-old Christopher Paolini becoming a best seller with his debut novel Eragon. After that, it was full steam ahead."

Photo of Author Patrick Kaiser

A favorite writing spot of Patrick's is at home with his cat curled up on the desk. He told The Writing Wall Blog that he takes inspiration wherever he can find it. "It usually starts with a cool concept then expands from there."

When we caught up with him he was reading Storm Front by Jim Butcher, and told us during the interview, "It's really good. I'm mad at myself for not getting it sooner." Patrick even has a favorite quote by the author, "I don't have a muse I have a mortgage." And one with a great sense of humor at that.

If he could have any superpower in the world Patrick admitted he would like to be a fire and ice combo, "like Todoroki from My Hero Academia would be cool. It's a self-regulating power. Gets too hot? Use ice. Gets too cold? Use fire." Speaking of superpowers, one would be amiss not to mention that Patrick has a great hidden talent. " I'm a great playmaker. Due to my autism, I see the world in patterns which is handy in sports because I can see where the weaknesses are in the other team."

Aside from anime, superpowers, and his secret weapon of a talent, Patrick says he finds reading non-fiction Theology interesting making it a favorite genre of his to read. "I love learning how people think."

Being a self-published author Patrick offered this piece of advice for those thinking of publishing their story. " Just do it! You're never gonna feel ready. So, just take the plunge. Life's too short to let fear stop you."

Tune in on Saturday, September 12th at 6 pm (EST) to the Writing Wall Podcast for a chance

to hear Patrick talk more about his genre, his stories, and even read an exclusive excerpt from one of his books.

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Cover Art of Some of Patrick's Books

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