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Writing Corner: Children's Books

Updated: Oct 3, 2020

With school back in session either at home or in the classroom, and summer reading programs officially over, I thought I would share some of my favorite children's books from Instagram with our listeners. Tune into the podcast tonight at 6 pm EST to also hear from some young authors who recently published their first book.

Listeners will hear us mention these children's authors, writers, and more on tonight's podcast. However, here are their links so you may like, follow, and share beforehand.

Our featured author(s) this Writing Corner Wednesday wrote a book titled Stand: The Hooded Book 1. Written by Francis Booker and Michael Ragusa Stand is another great fantasy read for young adults and kids.

Authors Francis Booker & Michael Ragusa

A description of the book, available on Amazon for purchase reads, "The Kingdom of Regostia is protected by a powerful group known as the Hooded. Whether it’s reconnaissance, strategy, or combat, the Hooded have trained to be able to tackle every issue that the kingdom faces. But what they’re most known for is their use of morar, an energy that can be shaped to allow the Hooded to complete superhuman feats."

Francis and Michael both have a pretty incredible story when it comes to self-publishing. We hope you will tune in to hear more about their book, the process to be self-published, and how they overcame obstacles in their way.

Stand: The Hooded Book 1 at the following link:

Meet children's author Kelly Ann Charleson, creator of a children's series. Her mission through KACE, Kelly Ann Clarkson Expressions, is to "create family-friendly products while supporting a variety of causes across the globe. With a focus on inspiring and encouraging the creativity of children, while trying to make life easier for parents, KACE seeks to provide families with wholesome gifts and screen-free activities at a reasonable price point." Below are links to her site, and just one of many great videoes on her YouTube channel of a story titled The Woodland Family Series: The Den. If you would like to know more about Kelly Ann follow her on Instagram using the handle @kellyanncharleson and to learn more about KACE.

Kelly Ann's Website:

Story Reading:

YouTube Channel:

In need of a great read? You may want to visit @alisonklak on Instagram. She is a children's author, writer, and book reviewer. Moreover, Alison is a fellow North Carolina resident, podcaster, and blogger. The Hodge Podge Podcast and Blog according to her site is about various topics. She talks about everything "via guest interviews, travel, food, books, all things NC, life as a military spouse, and more!" Her award-winning book Mommy's Big Red Truck is available on her sites, and on

Follow her on Instagram via the following handles:

Her links are:

Official Mommy’s Big, Red Monster Truck Website:


If it's another world or the Other World, you are seeking then kids who love fairy tales or fantasy may enjoy @naomireidwrites on Instagram. The book description is reminiscent of C. S. Lewis' The Lion the Witch and the Wardrobe saying, "Desperately tired of being bed-ridden, Mavis wishes she could go on an adventure. That very night, a ticket appears on her pillow. Train 627 is departing the garden shed at midnight—or so it appears. The destination? Otherworld." To find out how the story ends check out the book on

Other World Link:

Rachelle Gage, from New York, and of Instagram is not just a published children's author, she is also an illustrator. She illustrated her own book titled The Fantastic Pups. In this dog-gone good story, three pups save the day during a beach adventure. To learn more about Rachelle and her books visit her on Instagram using the handle @rachellegage_author. Her books are available for purchase on The Writing Wall Blog also wants to wish her a very Happy Belated Birthday! Rachelle celebrated her birthday just a few days ago.

The Fantastic Pups Link:

You can learn more about other children's authors and writers on the podcast this evening at 6 pm EST. And don't forget we have a brand new episode of The Writing Wall Podcast on Saturday. October 10th at 6 pm EST. Have a great week!

A new Writer of the Week is featured every Monday. Be sure to also follow The Writing Wall on Twitter @TheWritingWall, or on Instagram @writingsonthewall85 for the latest. You can also listen to the podcast every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month. Just search for The Writing Wall on Spotify, Google Cast, Breaker, and more. Thank you to our Writing Corner Wednesday authors, writers, and poets!

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