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Writing Corner: Nichole Nadeau

As far as ominous titles this Writing Corner Wednesday author has one of the best. Even better, this book is part of a series. Meet this week's scribe, Nicole Nadeau.

If you like thrillers featuring a teen genius then Nadeau's main character, Anna, is just the thing. In this first book of The Secret Life of Anna Goode's series, Anna finds herself on the run from a Russian terrorist while desperately trying to save her family. Anna even has a trusted sidekick, her best friend, whom she can rely on and turn to when the chips are down.

Living in Springboro, Ohio, 24-year-old Nicole Nadeau says that her town is probably best known for the Underground Railroad. Her young adult thriller and suspense novels pull readers into a world of epic events. Think Kim Possible meets Taken. Wondering what spurred Nicole's love of writing? It was her own love of reading of course.

However, there are a few other things that inspire her too. "Movies, books, or even a certain song," she told the blog can get her in the mood to put pen to paper. When we caught up with her Nicole informed us she was reading The Frights of Fiji by Alyssa McCarthy.

Probably the most interesting thing for writers is when we have to start those infamous Google searches or pull books from our local library. Sometimes the topics we research can turn heads, or gain us a look from the librarians. The most fascinating thing Nicole said she has learned thus far while writing Death by Midnight was "biosafety levels."

Although she has never written outside of her genre Nicole hopes to someday. Her favorite genre to read is young adult thrillers and suspense with some fantasy thrown in. Playing video games is a favorite pastime when she isn't scribbling away for her book(s).

Photo of Author Nicole Nadeau

However, it is perhaps the quotes an author loves that are a true reflection of their own writing souls. Nicole's favorite quote comes from Charles Dickens, "The most important thing in life is to stop saying 'I wish,' and start saying 'I will.'

Nicole offered the following advice for writers seeking to self-publish, "Do your research ahead of time and pick the publishing route that works best for you." To learn more about Nicole Nadeau and her series please visit the links below and follow her on social media.

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