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Writing Corner Wednesday: Caption Greg

Updated: Oct 24, 2020

Caption Greg as he is known in our community is a quiet, unassuming, and kind gentleman who permits Alleghany Writers to meet in the open garage port of his beautiful mountain home. The views from the hilltop are without a doubt what makes it hard not to fall in love with Appalachia over and over again. Aside from his quiet manner Caption Greg is also a poet. Meet our Writing Corner Wednesday scribe, Greg W. Plain.

Greg hails from Summit, New Jersey. The thing he likes most about Alleghany County, N.C. is the friendly people who live here. "Anyone can pull themselves up by their bootstraps and make it in the Good Old USA," according to Caption Greg, and I won't disagree.

Photo of Poet, Writer Caption Greg Plain

At 72-years-young Greg has been writing since he was a boy. "I began writing when I was 10-years-old when I wrote a poem about A BIG Gray mother loved it and encouraged me to continue writing."

Followers of Caption Greg on his social media page never know what surprises are in store from this wordsmith. His verses are both simplistic yet complex, and deep, yet understanding. They range from the delightful, the fun, the touching, the explicitly raw, and the passionate observances of a wandering soul.

The Caption is slowly becoming a favorite poet among the writing community here and says he enjoys writing at home in his den on his computer. When we asked Greg what inspired him to write he told The Writing Wall Blog, "I feel like my Creator takes my hand and writes them for me. I feel very blessed!"

When we caught up to him Greg admitted he was currently engrossed in our Mountaintop Stop author, Bren McClain's book, One Good Mama Bone. Ask him what his favorite genre is to read and he will tell you it's historical fiction like that written by author James Mitchner.

In his spare time, Greg says writing is something he loves doing, "I love to write every night and reap the rewards of my labor." It doesn't stop there though, "I am always writing a new volume of my new poetry book." For those of you who are curious about what it's title is its Opinions: Plums & Onions.

Book Cover Image of Opinions: Plums & Onions

Caption Greg even offered to share a few of his poems with The Writing Wall Blog, here they are below. To learn more about Caption Greg visit him on FaceBook, GW Plain.

You want to say something the world will repeat some n’er before uttered syllables, sweet some little something that no one has heard provoking a thought that has never occurred ~GWP (c) 2020 Put together wing and feather climb up to the top bend your knees and try to sneeze yourself into a pop then as you soar above the roar of all of us down here remember love and stars above may simply disappear ~GWP (c) 2020

I’ve been clean-shaven and I’ve had a beard I’ve been well-liked and I’ve been feared I’ve had some children and I’ve been to war I’ve had all I needed and wanted so much more

~GWP (c) 2020

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